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Should I Hire A Wedding Coordinator?

Should I hire a wedding coordinator?

You have dreamed about your wedding your whole life, planned every aspect, all the way down to your nail polish color. You even have multiple Pinterest boards, you have been all over Etsy looking and searching for ideas. The day finally comes and your other half proposes, what excitement, tears of joy and now what do you do?

You have 2 choices you can hire a Wedding Professional or you can hire a hobbyist. Not everyone is licensed, not everyone is insured nor even certified, due diligence and look them up. When you hire a professional you get professional service and they are trained and can adapt to any situation quickly. When you hire a hobbyist you get someone who wants to do a great job for you, they just don't know how to put it all together.

You hear the horror stories from your friends about hiring friends, family, or you hired so and so because they were cheaper. It's true you get what you pay for, in all reality you do, you know it's true.

This is the biggest day of your life, hire an Event Planner, Day of Coordinator, or a Wedding Officiant who is a Wedding Professional, who is experienced and will truly make your dreams come true.

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